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lifelong learning

Around EUR 1 billion of funding is invested by the Further Education and Training Authority of Ireland (SOLAS) annually in the Further education and training (FET) sector (where most VET occurs), and approximately 200 000 unique learners take advantage of learning opportunities provided.

Upskilling Pathways

Based on information provided by the Member States, the Commission published in February 2019 a report taking stock of their implementation plans and progress. The Council renewed its commitment to support adults struggling with basic skills in the Council Conclusions adopted on 5 June 2019.

EU-ANSA Report

This report discusses the activities undertaken and/or planned by EU ANSA members in regard to sustainable development and elements of the European Green Deal (EGD), as of May 2020.
The European Union Agencies Network on Scientific Advice (EU-ANSA) consists of technical and regulatory agencies that provide scientific advice to EU policymakers.

EPIC Research Note

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has published a research note that examines the medium and long-term impact of early childhood education and care (ECEC) provision on education and labour market outcomes for children and parents, as well as the indicators employed for these measurements.

Ireland: VET Provision

In January 2021, the first ever quality assurance review of the Education and Training Boards (ETBs), the main VET providers in Ireland, commenced. Quality assurance (QA) is one of the key pillars of the National further education and training (FET) strategy 2020-24.

G7 Summit

LONDON — For the first time in nearly two years, the leaders of seven of the world’s wealthiest democracies will meet to try to tackle some of the biggest global problems, including the post-pandemic recovery, climate change, and the challenge of China. The three-day meeting of the Group of Seven, hosted by the United Kingdom, will open on Friday in Carbis Bay, a seaside resort in Cornwall in southwest England.

Next-generation skills

Predicting skills trends in a rapidly changing labour market is a cornerstone of policy-making, and Cedefop organised a high-level conference on 13 April to reflect on how to develop further its skills intelligence research and tools in the coming years.