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Although there are already many initiatives that have sprung up on educational innovation and schools have started to implement some educational innovation, the experiences are scattered and take place more on the level of individual schools than actually as a full-fledged approach in the educational policy.

Furthermore, training on the specific topic of creativity techniques and their practical implementation in the teaching activity and classroom setting is scattered and there is no one single space where VET teachers can access in an easy and amicable way information on creativity techniques, in which context (subject, age group, etc.) they worked best, tips and hints on how to implement in practice and examples and testimonies from peers. 

But also, to share and exchange knowledge and experiences and contribute by uploading their own examples and testimonies. VET education institutions and other relevant stakeholders belonging to the VET education system will have access to practical and up-to-date knowledge on the real implementation of these innovations by teachers.

CLIVE will, through its support platform and activities, strengthen the profile of the teaching professions by supporting teachers in the adoption of new methods, tools, and techniques into their teaching activities and classroom reality. Teachers are actively supported so as to prepare them better and provide from the outset the competencies needed to adopt innovative practices (i.e., creativity techniques and their related digital tools). The CLIVE learning environment will also promote collaboration between teachers and the exchange of knowledge, materials, and experiences. Awareness raising and outreach activities, aimed at reducing the barriers to the take up of creativity and innovation in teaching, are an integral part of the project design and support the change and improvement also at an institutional level.

CLIVE gives the teachers the tools, skills, and competencies to change the way they teach their subjects, by embedding creativity and innovation, approaching the subjects in a more holistic manner, and help to create conditions for personalized teaching and learning for their students. By changing the way, they teach and integrate these techniques, interests from students are sparked, and their motivation for further learning increased, thus contributing to improving the attainment of young people and support schools to tackle early school leaving (ESL).

Experiential learning, in other words learning which takes place in or around the real context of work, has been shown to be the most effective way for adults to gain new competencies. Also, the ability to learn can be gained by practice. This is also true for creativity, the ability to take part in innovation processes, and to be competent in basic knowledge management practices. These are in fact relevant basic competencies that need to be developed throughout a person’s life and can be applied in various settings across one’s life stage. CLIVE introduces a systematic approach to, and opportunities for, the continuous development of VET teachers through the development of a new approach to embedding creativity techniques and their related digital tools into their teaching activities. It thus introduces a set of skills that allow them to deliver high-quality teaching in their subjects, and to address the need for educational approaches is which are more adapted to the challenges and demands of today.

CLIVE aims to address these needs by providing VET teachers, with the skills and competencies to embed innovation and creativity in their teaching activities, and thus enable them to prepare their students better for the labor market. Specific objectives are:

  • Define the skills and competence framework needed for embedding creativity and innovation in VET education.
  • Develop an accessible and user-friendly app (with a support platform) based upon the needs of teachers and schools, for access to creativity techniques, their related digital tools, best practices, examples, and testimonies.
  • Enhance the take up of creativity techniques and the related digital tools by giving the VET.
  • teachers, their institutions, and relevant stakeholders’ guidelines on mainstream this in a coherent and comprehensive manner;
  • Promote a community where teachers and other interested can share knowledge and experiences, and which sustains the CLIVE results beyond the project duration.