EU-ANSA mapping report for, socioeconomic aspects of sustainable development!

This report discusses the activities undertaken and/or planned by EU ANSA members in regard to sustainable development and elements of the European Green Deal (EGD), as of May 2020.

The European Union Agencies Network on Scientific Advice (EU-ANSA) consists of technical and regulatory agencies that provide scientific advice to EU policymakers. This short report was produced to demonstrate how EU-ANSA member Agencies address the topic of the socioeconomic effects of sustainable development and how their accumulated expertise could support the implementation of the European Green Deal (EGD).

Based on responses to two surveys that ran among EU ANSA members, results highlight the expertise and engagement of Agencies and their potential contribution to supporting evidence-based policies in this field. The most researched areas include economy, employment, skills and training, gender inequalities, health and safety, social aspects (such as disadvantaged or vulnerable groups), the role of regulation, and social dialogue.

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