CLIVE will, through its support platform and activities, strengthen the profile of the teaching professions by supporting teachers in the adoption of new methods, tools, and techniques ...

MILC in a Nutshell - The last few years European Union swims in unchartered waters and struggles to find answers on the following crucial and interrelated issues ...

SEP in a Nutshell - Persecution, conflicts, human rights violations, and climate changes continue to force people to flee their homes and seek safety in the EU ...

LONDON — The leaders of seven of the world’s wealthiest democracies will meet to try to tackle some of the biggest global problems, including climate change ...

Predicting skills trends in a rapidly changing labor market is a cornerstone of policy-making, and Cedefop organized a high-level conference on 13 April to reflect on how to develop further its skills intelligence research and tools in the coming years.


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First, Think. Second, Dream. Third, Believe. And finally, Dare!

Ensō is a European knowledge hub that delivers out-of-the-box research, capacity building, and training solutions to individuals, teams, and organizations. With our methodologies and tools, we facilitate them to unlock their potential and help them to enhance working, feeling, and living conditions, and contribute to Social Innovation. 

We provide opportunities to people in order to a) unlock their potential while having a life balance and b) enhance their social impact while having sustainability as a focal point. Our engaging and inclusive approaches from different sectors focus are leading social groups and organizations to the acquirement of 21st-century skills: innovation, questioning, challenging, dreaming, imagining, experimenting, learning, and enterprising.

Our Services!

Training & Events: Through a training needs analysis, we offer measurable, out-of-the-box learning and development solutions using innovative solutions and techniques.

Capacity building: We operate in two parallel paths, consultancy, and performance coaching, to elaborate a holistic plan for change, focused on internal evolvement, efficiency, and quality.

Research: We incorporate validated and up-to-date methodologies into social groups and organizations, leading to the flow of knowledge.